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“I was wrongly convicted of murder. I spent nearly 17 years in prison fighting my case. When I finally won a new trial, I chose Greg Robey to be a part of my defense team. He found an FBI agent who had worked on the case in the 1980s, along with critical pieces of evidence that we thought were long lost. After a long and very hard-fought trial, I was found Not Guilty of all charges. I owe my freedom to Greg Robey and my defense team.” -R.R., Ravenna, Ohio

Are You Faced with a Drug Use or Possession Charge in Cleveland?

When considering an Ohio drug offense arrest that involves pot, crack trafficking, or marijuana distribution, it is very difficult for an individual to fight drug charges alone if he or she has been found in possession of the substance.  To protect your civil rights in such cases, you need to make sure that you have solid legal counsel by your side.  Let the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey help you.

We can help with your marijuana and marijuana possession charge in Cleveland

Cleveland marijuana possession becomes a serious legal issue if the amount you are charged with having is over 100 grams. The penalties for this conviction are:

  • A fourth-degree misdemeanor for possession of 100-200 grams: Up to thirty days in jail and a $250 fine
  • A fifth-degree felony for possession of 200 to 1,000 grams: Up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine
  • A third-degree felony for possession of 1,000 to 20,000 grams: Up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine
  • A second-degree felony for possession of 20,000 or more grams: Up to eight years in jail and a $15,000 fine

Crack possession in Cleveland

Cleveland crack possession is treated much more harshly than cocaine possession, and can involve much higher fines and longer jail terms.  A judge can impose a much more severe penalty if the defendant is found with crack than if he or she is found with cocaine, even if the two substances are of the same amount.  For difficult cases like these, you need a law firm that is knowledgeable and adept at providing representation for Cleveland drug possession.  And for nearly twenty years, the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey have been giving their clients exactly that.

Contact a drug crime lawyer in Cleveland

Call the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey today at 877.219.2514, or fill out our online form, if you are facing a Cleveland marijuana, cocaine, or crack drug use or possession.  All information about your case is taken very seriously and kept strictly confidential by our dedicated crack lawyers in Cleveland.

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