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Marijuana: Still a Crime in Ohio

Recently, some states have legalized recreational marijuana use. Ohio, isn’t one of them. In fact, while some parts of the country have adopted a lax policy regarding cannabis consumption, marijuana is still illegal under federal law and throughout the state of Ohio. If you or your loved one is arrested for any type of marijuana… Read More »

Pain Doctors Walk Tightrope Between Healer and Criminal Suspect

Pain management clinics perform a vital service for patients with chronic illnesses and acute injuries. Without pain medications, some patients would be unable to work or even handle everyday tasks. In some cases, untreated pain would be excruciating and unbearable. However, not everybody who relies on the services of a pain clinic is a legitimate… Read More »

Is Legal Medical Marijuana Coming to Ohio?

Polls show more Americans like the idea, but new criminal law challenges can arise with legalization One supporting organization, Ohio Rights Group (ORG), is actively working to get the 385,000 valid voter signatures needed to put the legalization of medical marijuana on the November 2014 ballot. Legalization of medical marijuana can mean potentially safer relief… Read More »

Federal Prosecutions Can Involve Local Investigations

Four agencies team up to indict five Ohio men on federal drug trafficking charges January 30, 2014 marked the final federal indictment of five Ohio men who were allegedly involved in cocaine-related criminal activities, including conspiracy to distribute cocaine, drug trafficking and money laundering. The conspiracy charges alone carry penalties ranging from ten years to… Read More »

Minor Traffic Infractions Can Lead to Felony Charges

Recent Ohio tinted window traffic stops result in drug possession arrests Even a minor equipment infraction such as a broken tail light can be enough for police to stop drivers in Ohio. On their own, these infractions can lead to relatively minor misdemeanor charges. However, violating the window tinting laws can arouse suspicion. Unless violators… Read More »

Cocaine Possession Law in Ohio

In Ohio, possession of cocaine is a felony, and a  felony conviction can mean jail time, fines and loss of many privileges, including the rights to vote and own a firearm. Depending on the circumstances of your case and your criminal history, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea agreement that involves a… Read More »

What Are the Penalties for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia?

While some states, including Colorado and Washington, have decriminalized marijuana possession, pot is still illegal in Ohio. It is even against the law in Ohio to possess paraphernalia for growing or consuming marijuana. Specifically, the statute makes it illegal to possess “any equipment, product or material” that is used, intended for use or designed for… Read More »

Doctor Shopping: What Is It and What Are the Penalties?

Doctor shopping occurs when a drug abuser accumulates prescription drugs by obtaining multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors. For example, if John Doe is maintaining a painkiller addiction through doctor shopping, he would visit a physician, fake his symptoms and obtain a prescription. Then he would visit a different doctor and repeat the process, without disclosing… Read More »

Benefits of Hiring a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Ohio has very strict laws when it comes to the possession, sale and use of drugs. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be required to pay expensive fines. But you could also face felony charges and lose your freedom. You have the right to an attorney and, if you cannot afford one,… Read More »

Steps to Take if Arrested for Drugs in Ohio

Drug crimes carry a stigma. If convicted of possessing, selling, manufacturing or trafficking drugs, you could lose your freedom for a very long time. Moreover, when you are released, you may have trouble finding a job. A drug crime conviction can even affect your social and personal life. If police arrest you for any type… Read More »

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