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Dealing with Pain: Cleveland Pill Mills

Dealing with Pain: Cleveland Pill Mills

Prescription drug abuse is fast overtaking other forms of drug abuse in the United States. According to the Ohio Department of Health, unintentional drug poisoning became the leading cause of death in our state in 2007.

Some people feel prescription drugs are safer than street drugs. The common factor is that the drugs have to be purchased somewhere, and with prescription drugs, it is often from a pill mill.

A pill mill is oftentimes the practice or clinic of a physician or group of physicians that sell prescriptions for powerfully addictive drugs. In April 2013, 76-year-old Cleveland psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Nigro pled guilty to selling prescriptions for drugs like Percocet, Adderall and Oxycontin out of his Cleveland Heights, Ohio home.

In the case of Dr. Nigro, informants wearing recording devices paid for prescriptions at the Beachwood and Lakewood offices of Dr. Nigro with little or no examination. Features of pill mills or pain clinics often include:

  • A minimal or no physical examination is required for a prescription.
  • Large amounts of cash are run through the clinic.
  • Drugs are dispensed on-site.
  • High numbers of patients are seen each day, often from out of state.
  • A pain clinic or pill mill may employ security guards.

In addition to turning over $150,000 of his illegal earnings, Dr. Nigro agreed to pay an additional $100,000 fine and surrender his medical license for drug trafficking and tampering with drugs, among other charges. Facing a possible sentence of 14 years in prison, Dr. Nigro received a nine-month sentence.

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