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Penalties for Computer Crimes in Ohio

Penalties for Computer Crimes in Ohio

For a while, the legal system had a hard time catching up with technology. Though still a bit behind, many laws have been enacted prohibiting cyber offenses. No longer are computer crimes mysterious. The cold, hard truth is that computer-related offenses can land you in prison. However, to be convicted of a cyber crime, you must knowingly commit a computer-related offense. If you are mentally unstable or unfit, you might not be prosecuted for any crimes you committed.

Examples of computer crimes in Ohio include:

  • Unauthorized use of a computer — If you illegally gain access to and use a computer for purposes not intended by the owner, the state may charge you with unauthorized use of a computer. This crime, a fourth-degree misdemeanor offense, is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and $250 in fines.
  • Phishing — Phishing is the act of using deception online to steal a person’s confidential information, such as credit card numbers, login information and Social Security numbers. Individuals accused of phishing may face charges for fraud and/or unauthorized use of a computer.
  • Computer hacking — The law defines hacking as “gaining access or attempting to gain access to all or part of a computer, computer system, or a computer network without express or implied authorization with the intent to defraud or with intent to commit a crime.”

Facing charges for identity theft or another type of computer crime? Without the guidance and support of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you could lose your freedom. Moreover, your personal and professional life may suffer. An attorney can safeguard your rights and fight for you in court.


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