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Mistakes that Can Jeopardize Your Criminal Defense Case

Mistakes that Can Jeopardize Your Criminal Defense Case

Have you been arrested for a drug crime or other offense in Ohio? The criminal justice system is complex, and making the wrong move might cost you your freedom. The moment you or your loved one is arrested, seek help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. He or she can help you avoid the following mistakes that may jeopardize your case:

  • Talking to police — You do not have to talk to police. You have a right to remain silent and should do so. By talking to the police you may unwittingly incriminate yourself. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • Not requesting a lawyer — Many people fail to realize that they have the right to an attorney. Police use many tactics and tricks to get suspects talking, but the moment an arrestee requests a lawyer, all questioning by law enforcement must cease.
  • Lying to your attorney — Your lawyer reviews the facts of your case, gathers evidence and builds a defense strategy for you. Lying to your attorney can only hurt your case and your chance at freedom.
  • Discussing your case with other people — Discuss your case only with your criminal defense lawyer.

Based on the unique circumstances of your situation, any number of mistakes can damage your case. By retaining the services of a skilled lawyer immediately after your arrest, you can increase your chances of receiving a lesser sentence or, possibly, an acquittal.


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