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What to Do if You Are Stopped for a DUI

What to Do if You Are Stopped for a DUI

Maybe you had a drink. Or maybe you had no alcohol at all. Regardless, if police stop you, you may feel apprehensive and nervous — a natural reaction, since police are intimidating. However, you may not realize that the actions you take immediately following a police stop may affect whether you are arrested for DUI or OVI. The following tips may help you avoid a DUI arrest in the future:

  • Have all documentation ready — Before you drive anywhere, make sure you have your insurance and registration in your glove compartment where they are easy to find and accessible, so that you are not fumbling around your car searching for your documents if/when police stop you.
  • Speak as little as possible — Remain calm and cooperate with the officer who stops you. But you should avoid speaking any more than you have to — police are trained to listen for slurred words and to smell for alcohol.
  • Remain close to your vehicle — If police ask you to step out of your car, remain close to your vehicle, if possible. Law enforcement officers look to see if you are wavering or having trouble standing as a sign of inebriation.
  • Request an attorney — In the event that you are arrested for OVI despite your best behavior, calmly and politely ask to speak with your attorney.

A DUI charge can be beaten but you need to consult with an experienced lawyer. He or she can promptly review the details of your case and assist you in building a strong defense.


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