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Ohio Authorities Step up Efforts Against Cybercrime

Ohio Authorities Step up Efforts Against Cybercrime

Ohio law enforcement has begun focusing on crimes involving technology because almost every criminal case these days “may involve a computer or a cellphone,” says Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Here are some new developments in fighting cybercrime in Ohio, as reported by The News-Herald in Willoughby:

  • The Attorney General’s Office has established a Cyber Crimes Unit, which helps local law enforcement recover text messages, photos and other data from computers, cellphones and other electronic devices.
  • The Lake County Sheriff’s Office now has a computer system, called Cop-in-a-Box, that constantly searches the Internet for child pornography, solicitations for prostitution and other online crimes.
  • In Willoughby, police monitor and for criminal activity. Willoughby police made a dozen arrests based on one “adult services” advertisement.

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