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Police Arrest 26 in Ohio Drug Trafficking Ring

In mid-March of this year, 26 individuals were arrested in relation to a drug trafficking case in Southeast Ohio. In addition, warrants were issued for 17 other people. The charges range from the manufacturing of methamphetamine to the possession of pharmaceuticals such as Oxycodone. The suspects range in age from 20 to 56 years old.

The total number of different drugs involved in the trafficking investigation is staggering and includes:

  • Heroin — Schedule I drug
  • Methamphetamine — Schedule II drug
  • Cocaine — Schedule II
  • Marijuana — Schedule I
  • LSD — Schedule I
  • Several types of prescription drugs — Varies based on the specific drug

In Ohio, controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are classified into five schedules. Schedule I drugs are deemed the most dangerous and have a high probability of abuse and addiction. The individuals in the drug trafficking investigation face serious legal ramifications including fines and lengthy incarceration. Additionally, drug crime convictions in Ohio always result in a driver’s license suspension.

Some of the individuals under investigation are accused of drug related crimes in the vicinity of a school or juvenile. These are behaviors that enhance sentencing and greatly increase penalties. Also, some of the individuals arrested have previous convictions for drug crimes.

Your criminal history can have an impact on the charges against you. If police arrest you for any type of drug crime in Ohio, remain silent and politely request to speak with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Your rights and future are on the line.

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