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Cleveland Man Sentenced in Insurance Fraud Case

Cleveland Man Sentenced in Insurance Fraud Case

This past April, the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court sentenced Cleveland resident John Deskins to two years of probation for theft in an insurance fraud case. Since the creation of the insurance industry, insurance fraud has existed. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a victimless crime — consumers pay the price. The crime occurs when a person uses fraud or deceit to obtain an undeserved financial benefit.

In the case of John Deskins, an investigation by the Ohio Department of Insurance yielded the following facts that ultimately lead to the Cleveland man’s arrest and conviction:

  • Mr. Deskins intentionally abandoned his car at a local automotive repair shop.
  • After leaving his vehicle, Mr. Deskins then filed an insurance claim and stated that his car had been stolen.
  • Mr. Deskins claimed to police and his insurer that his vehicle had been stolen while he had left it parked at a local Cleveland bar.
  • $8,898.22 was later paid to Mr. Deskins by his insurer for the theft of his car.
  • The owners of the body shop where Mr. Deskins left his car were innocent and unaware of the scheme.
  • After several unsuccessful attempts at contacting Mr. Deskins, the body shop contacted the Cleveland man’s insurer.

Penalties in insurance fraud cases vary based on the amount authorities accuse suspects of stealing. If you are arrested for insurance fraud involving the acquisition of $1,000 or more, you face felony charges. For more information on white-collar crime in Ohio, or to speak to a highly qualified defense lawyer, contact The Law Office of Gregory S. Robey as soon as possible.


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