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Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio: Coming Soon?

Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio: Coming Soon?

Currently, 21 states allow marijuana for medical use. Additionally, two states, Colorado and Washington, have made recreational cannabis use for adults legal. In Ohio, the legalization of marijuana in the state has garnered a lot of attention.

Recently, Quinnipiac University conducted a poll on marijuana legalization and obtained the following data:

  • 87 percent of Ohio voters support the legalization of marijuana for medical use
  • 51 percent of voters support legalization of marijuana for recreational use
  • 59 percent of male voters in the state support legalization of the substance for personal use
  • 51 percent of female voters oppose legalization of marijuana for personal use
  • 72 percent of 18-29 year old voters support personal marijuana use
  • 65 percent of voters over 65 are opposed to legalization of recreational marijuana
  • 55 percent of Ohio voters say they have never tried marijuana

Currently, efforts are in effect to add the legalization of marijuana to the ballot in November. The Ohio Rights Group is focusing on gathering support for The Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment, a law that would allow residents age 18 and older who have a debilitating condition and who meet eligibility requirements to use, possess, obtain and produce marijuana.

However, it is important to understand that marijuana is currently illegal on the state and federal level in Ohio. If arrested, depending on the amount and type of crime, you could face jail time and fines.

In the event that police arrest you or a loved one for a marijuana related offense, it is vital you contact an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.




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