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Largest Drug Bust in Geauga County in More Than 30 Years

Geauga County, home to the country’s second largest Amish population, is located only 30 miles outside of Cleveland. However, its culture and suburban setting do not protect it from the crime and corruption of the big city. On Friday, June 13, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office announced that it had conducted perhaps the largest drug bust in the area in more than 38 years.

What sparked the investigation that took place on June 3 and eventually led to the arrest of four people remains unclear. Additional details regarding the case follow:

  • Police raided a home in the 15500 block of Park View Drive and confiscated $128,000 in cash, 10 firearms (including shotguns, rifles and handguns), 100 pounds of marijuana valued at $250,000, 6 pounds of crystal meth worth $666,000, 1 kilo of black tar heroin worth $180,000 and steroids valued at $50,000.
  • Many of the seized firearms and drugs were located in a fake wall in the basement of the home.
  • Four people were arrested and charged with aggravated possession of drugs — Dominic Bangera, 43, Raymond Utt, 43, Omar Lopez, 21, and Jacqueline Sanchez, 36.
  • Some of the individuals arrested had previous arrests for burglary, theft, grand theft auto, robbery, possession of controlled substance for sale, manufacturing of drugs and cultivation of marijuana.

The four individuals in custody will likely face other charges in addition to aggravated possession of drugs. Whether you are arrested for a drug offense, firearm possession or other crime in Ohio, seek professional help as soon as possible.

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