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Is Warning Your Fellow Drivers About Police Checkpoints Against the Law?

You are driving in your car at night when traffic slows to a crawl. As you lean your head out the window, you see the cause — a police checkpoint. While you have nothing to worry about, you feel a responsibility to warn your fellow drivers. Are you breaking the law if you do?

Apparently you are. In fact, warning other motorists about a police checkpoint is considered interfering with a police operation. Doug “Deo” Odolecki learned this the hard way when he tried to alert oncoming traffic in Parma, Ohio of a DUI checkpoint up the road.

The following are additional details about the case:

  • On June 13th at 10 p.m., Odolecki was standing on the sidewalk at the intersection of Brookpark Road and State Road holding a sign instructing motorists to Turn Now! to avoid a DUI check-point.
  • The sobriety checkpoint about which Odolecki was warning his fellow drivers was located half a mile away at Tuxedo Avenue and State Road.
  • Authorities determined Odolecki was guilty of obstructing justice since he was interfering with a police checkpoint.
  • Parma Police Lieutenant Brian McCann asked Odolecki to remove the part of his sign that instructed drivers to turn away from the checkpoint.
  • Odolecki refused to comply and received a ticket.

Local laws explain that police must notify residents about DUI checkpoints at least a few hours in advance. If you are arrested unjustly or believe your constitutional rights have been violated, do not hesitate in contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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