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HUGE Marijuana Bust in Preble County — Largest in Ohio State Highway Patrol History?

On June 14, Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers seized a ton of marijuana in Preble County. Actually, the exact amount police confiscated was 2,330 pounds. And while this is indeed a staggering amount of marijuana, it is only the second largest cannabis bust in Ohio State Highway Patrol history. The largest occurred in 2005 and involved 3,188 pounds of marijuana.

Curiously, both the 2005 bust and this recent one occurred in Preble County. Additionally, both busts resulted from highway patrol stops. Further information on the June 14 patrol stop follows:

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers stopped a 2014 Ford U-Haul truck with Arizona registration for tailgating.
  • According to police reports, the driver, Mario Arnold Mendoza, 29, and passenger Hector Andres Olea-Castro, 30, were, “…overly nervous for the reason for the stop, their stories were not consistent and their reason for the trip was unbelievable.”
  • Neither Mendoza or Olea-Castro had a valid driver’s license.
  • A K-9 unit was requested at the scene and officers found $11.6 million worth of marijuana packaged in 84 parcels.
  • The two men did not resist arrest.
  • According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, if convicted, both men face up to eight years in prison and up to $7,500 in fines.

Marijuana, legal in other states, is not in Ohio. If you face charges for possession, use, cultivation, distribution or any other type of drug crime, contact a defense attorney immediately. Without competent counsel, you could lose your freedom.

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