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Prosecutors Use Technology to Strengthen Cases

Prosecutors Use Technology to Strengthen Cases

Prosecutors are starting to employ cutting-edge technology in their push for more criminal convictions. Most recently, the Ohio Bureau of Investigation used a 3-D laser scanner to recreate a murder scene for a judge and jury. Three men were charged with the murder and prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. The evidence developed with the 3-D technology is a key component in their case.

By taking millions of measurements and digital photographs, a laser scanner builds a three-dimensional video replication of a crime scene. The technology offers prosecutors several advantages, including providing jurors with a detailed visual and allowing prosecutors to better explain the crime scenes to judge and juries rather than relying on 2-D photographs and blueprints.

This type of technology is becoming increasingly popular in the prosecution of crimes. Introduced in 2010 to the Institute of Scientific Investigation of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a 3-D printer has since been used to successfully recreate evidence, including bones and bullets. Other police agencies around the world are catching on to the trend and using the technology to reverse engineer pieces of evidence, such as a shoe from a footprint. These scanners offer prosecutors the opportunity to make as many copies of the evidence as they need, which proves instrumental in allowing jurors to handle the materials and become better acquainted with the evidence.

Although prosecutors are wielding the scanners as tools in their prosecution, defense attorneys may also leverage them in building a defense for their clients. Three-dimensional images and crime scene videos allow defense attorneys to point out holes in a case, casting reasonable doubt on the charges faced by their clients. This technology is constantly improving and may soon become a regular tool in defense lawyers’ arsenals.

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