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Ohio Doctor Arrested on Accusations of Drug Trafficking

Ohio Doctor Arrested on Accusations of Drug Trafficking

News broke recently about an Ohio doctor, Douglas Trubiano, being jailed after accusations of drug trafficking. Trubiano, who practices osteopathic medicine in Jefferson County, was the target of a task force investigation by a state pharmacy board, and is alleged to have illegally distributed and pushed drugs to patients.

The Jefferson County Drug Task Force obtained a warrant to search Trubiano’s medical office in Tiltonsville in Jefferson County. The task force seized his computer and various medical records, and evidence uncovered led to his arrest. At this point, it is unclear the extent to which Trubiano’s alleged drug trafficking moved drugs across county and state lines. However, the pharmacy board did say that the investigation into Trubiano’s activities began in March, after the organization received an anonymous complaint alleging that Trubiano was inappropriately prescribing large amounts of controlled substances to female patients.

Trubiano was detained with no bond after the investigation and scheduled for court hearings. After the hearings, Trubiano was booked on additional charges, including another count of drug trafficking and a count of illegal processing of drug documents. After pleading not guilty, he was released and his DEA license was temporarily suspended.

These types of accusations can have significant negative impacts on a person’s reputation and career, especially for a person as visible in the medical community as Trubiano. However, there are defense strategies available that can protect people accused of drug crimes from serious penalties or help them avoid a conviction altogether.

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