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“I was wrongly convicted of murder. I spent nearly 17 years in prison fighting my case. When I finally won a new trial, I chose Greg Robey to be a part of my defense team. He found an FBI agent who had worked on the case in the 1980s, along with critical pieces of evidence that we thought were long lost. After a long and very hard-fought trial, I was found Not Guilty of all charges. I owe my freedom to Greg Robey and my defense team.” -R.R., Ravenna, Ohio

Conspiracy Cases

At the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey, our Ohio criminal defense lawyers protect the legal rights of those considered suspects, facing charges, or already convicted of numerous types of conspiracy.

What is a conspiracy case?

Conspiracy cases involve two or more individuals who agree to commit a crime or perpetrate an illegal act. Only a general intent to engage in an illegal act to violate the law must be proven in a conspiracy case, while the specific intent to violate the law does not need to be proven. According to the United States Code, in a conspiracy case, an actual crime is irrelevant to the prosecution. Even if the illegal act was never carried out, a conspiracy conviction can occur if the stated intent to break the law can be proven.

Types of conspiracies

Conspiracy cases cover a wide variety of illegal acts that include agreements to:

  • Impede or injure a law enforcement officer
  • Defraud the United States government or obstruct the lawful function of any government agency
  • Commit violent crimes
  • Manufacture or deliver drugs
  • Launder money
  • Restrain trade through price fixing
  • Engage in organized crime

Conspiracies may be prosecuted either as crimes or as civil causes of action. When civil conspiracies occur, they are not prosecuted as crimes but instead provide the grounds for a lawsuit for those parties that suffered harm as a result of the conspiracy.

What to expect in a conspiracy case

In conspiracy cases, all co-conspirators can be charged together in one indictment. Additionally, conspiracy crimes that are relevant only to individual conspirators can be included in the indictment, even when other conspirators or co-defendants are not involved.

In conspiracy cases, any conduct carried out by any one conspirator during the course of the conspiracy becomes the responsibility of all co-conspirators.  As a result, if you are facing conspiracy charges, the illegal acts of any co-conspirators are your responsibility.

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