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“I was wrongly convicted of murder. I spent nearly 17 years in prison fighting my case. When I finally won a new trial, I chose Greg Robey to be a part of my defense team. He found an FBI agent who had worked on the case in the 1980s, along with critical pieces of evidence that we thought were long lost. After a long and very hard-fought trial, I was found Not Guilty of all charges. I owe my freedom to Greg Robey and my defense team.” -R.R., Ravenna, Ohio

Federal Drug Cases

Ohio criminal attorney Gregory S. Robey has extensive experience protecting the rights of those charged with crimes.  And as one of the most aggressive criminal defense lawyers in Cleveland, he will examine all of the evidence in your case, devise a solid defense strategy, and provide you with excellent legal representation.

Facing federal drug charges is a very serious matter that can have severe consequences.  If you are involved in a federal drug case, you need competent and effective legal representation to help you reach the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

What distinguishes a state drug crime from a federal drug crime?

A crime that occurs on federal property or involves interstate commerce is considered a federal crime. As such, federal drug cases generally result from offenses such as drug trafficking, while state drug cases often involve lesser offenses, such as drug possession. Additionally, federal drug convictions tend to be met with longer prison sentences and harsher punishments than state convictions, which have more flexible sentencing guidelines.

Drug classification

The Controlled Substances Act passed by the United States Congress in 1970 replaced various drug laws and established a classification system whereby drugs and controlled substances are organized into five categories determined by their potential for abuse and addiction compared to their therapeutic value. Schedule I drugs carry the highest potential for addiction and have no accepted medical use (such as heroin), while Schedule V drugs have a low risk potential for abuse and dependency and have accepted medical uses, such as cough medicines with codeine.

Punishments for federal drug crimes

If you are convicted of a federal drug crime, your punishment depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of drug involved and its classification
  • The quantity of the drug in question
  • The intent of possession

Both federal and state drug laws are designed to reduce the use of illegal drugs and to minimize the occurrence of drug-related crimes. Therefore, the unlawful use, possession, distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking of drugs and controlled substances is punishable by imprisonment, probation, fines, property forfeiture, and mandatory participation in drug treatment programs as ordered by the court.

Contact a Cleveland, Ohio drug crime lawyer

If you are facing a federal drug charge in Cleveland, Ohio, the direct punishments if convicted may involve imprisonment and large fines, but the indirect effects may last long after your conviction and could impact the rest of your life, such as making it difficult to find employment due to a federal drug charge on your criminal record. Hiring an excellent Ohio defense attorney often makes the difference in the outcome of an Ohio criminal case. Call the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey today at 877.219.2514 or fill out our online form. All information about your case is taken very seriously and kept strictly confidential.

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