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Attorney General Candidate Advocates Drug Sentencing Reforms

Attorney General Candidate Advocates Drug Sentencing Reforms

Democratic Attorney General candidate David Pepper visited Columbus in August and urged Ohio state legislators to consider overhauling sentencing rules for low-level felons. Unlike the typical sentencing reforms lawmakers tend to advocate, which often involve doing away with strict mandatory sentencing, Pepper proposed that judges have more leeway to sentence low-level felons to prison instead Read More

Portrait of a Corrupt Internet Sweepstakes Café

Much of the impetus for the new ban on Ohio internet cafés was the perception that these cafes are vehicles for unregulated money laundering and other illegal activities. It remains to be seen how recent indictments against several Ohio internet cafés play out in court, but a high-profile case in Florida provides a text-book example Read More

The Latest in Cybercrime: Ransomware

As technology advances, so do efforts to exploit technology for both legal and illegal endeavors. As criminal defense attorneys in Cleveland, our law firm defends those accused of Internet crimes with ties to Ohio. While cybercrimes often involve charges of possession of child pornography, Internet crime is rapidly expanding to reflect the ubiquitous presence of Read More

How Does a Case Go to Federal Court?

The United States Federal Court System consists of a network of venues dedicated to managing the federal judicial process. The jurisdiction of federal courts extends to 94 federal judicial districts in the country, including the territories of Guam, Northern Mariana and the Virgin Islands. The federal courts include the Supreme Court of the United States, Read More

Overview of Federal Crimes

For a long time, the likelihood of being charged with a federal offense was remote for most people. Federal crimes are commonly associated with very serious transgressions, so it’s surprising to learn that a seemingly law-abiding person has been charged and convicted of one. In recent years, however, the number of federal crimes has ballooned Read More


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