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Kent State University Student Murder Case

The Mike Trivisonno Show: Overview of Case with Attorney Greg. S. Robey

Listen to the podcast interview of attorney Greg. S. Robey with Mike Trivisonno on June 16, 2010.
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Kent State University student murder case:  trial 2 – day 2

The case against Ronald Kelly continued on Monday, May 11, 2010, for the death of Kent State University student Christopher M. Kenrich.

The prosecution began with the testifying of a friend of Kenrich, Bradley Chelko.  Chelko said that Kelly was assaulted by Ronald as he passed by the car of Glenn P. Jefferson who was with Ronald that night.  Bradley continued to receipt that night stating that Kenrich was first pushed into the rear bumper of Jefferson’s rear bumper, then Kelly punched him in the side of the head.

Criminal attorney, Gregory S. Robey alleged that Chelko is lying in order to convict Ronald Kelly as well as cover up his role in the instigation of the fight.

“The truth is you didn’t really see what went on,” Robey asked Chelko. “But I did,” Chelko replied.

“You didn’t want (police) because you had started it,” Robey retorted.

“What college kid wants the cops to show up?” Chelko asked Robey. “I can’t name you a single college kid that wants the cops to come.”

The officers (Sarah Berkey, Ed Wheeler and Ben Darrah) from the Kent police station who reported to the scene also took the stand on Monday.  The first trial in the Kent murder case was of Ronald Kelly’s Akron University contemporary Adrian Baker who was convicted of murder on April 23rd.  His sentencing is still to be determined.

Kelly murder trial begins: opening statements are heard in Kent State University student’s death

Opening statements were made on Friday, May 7th, 2010, in the murder trial of Kent State University student Christopher M. Kernich.  Christopher M. Kernich died at the age of 23 at the hands of 20-year-old Ronald Kelly of the University of Akron.

Kent State University Student Christopher M. Kenrich

Assistant prosecuting attorney Tom Buchanan made opening statements in the Kelly murder trial on Friday calling Ronald Kelly a thug, brute and coward amongst other things.

Subsequent to prosecuting attorney Buchanan’s’ opening statement, Ohio criminal lawyer, Gregory S. Robey told a story of a “betrayal of trust” by Barker, Jefferson and Kent police.  He introduced us to not a monster, but a good student who went to church every Sunday.

Ohio criminal attorney Greg. S. Robey

Jefferson betrayed his roommate, Kelly, by initiating the argument and escalating the situation by pulling over.  On top of all of this, Jefferson decided to “save himself and cooperate with the government and tell a story against Ronald Kelly.”

Baker also betrayed Kelly by knocking Kernich unconscious with a punch and stomping the victim on the ground.  Baker also attempted to blame it all on Ronald Kelly at the police station.

The Kent Police Department also betrayed Kelly’s trust because they “never had an open mind,” building a case against Kelly using an “admitted liar” like Jefferson as their star witness “rather than search for the truth,” Robey said.

On Monday, May 10th, 2010, the first witness will be presented by the prosecution.  To read more on this topic visit the article on .  Also learn more about the proven track record of significant cases and criminal defense acquittals of Ohio defense attorney Greg S. Robey

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