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Ohio criminal defense lawyers Gregory S. Robey and Margaret Robey have represented clients in many of the highest profile cases in Cleveland, Ohio criminal defense. For clients charged with crimes ranging from murder, drug trafficking, police misconduct, and crimes against children, the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey have gone to bat and waged hard-fought battles. The long and impressive list of acquittals they have won is a testament to their skill and diligence in the courtroom over many years.

One of the most emotionally charged and prominent cases the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey participated in was the 1988 retrial of Bob Gondor and Randy Resh, both wrongfully accused and convicted of the 1988 murder and rape of a young mother in Portage County, Ohio and sentenced to life in prison. In 2006, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned their convictions and granted them new trials.

As an active member of the defense team, Ohio criminal defense attorney Gregory S. Robey fought hard for them in their new trial. In 2007, a jury acquitted one of the two accused, and soon after the State elected to dismiss all charges against the other. Both men were released after serving nearly 17 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. They are now pursuing claims against the State of Ohio for wrongful imprisonment.

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  • The Ohio criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey also successfully defended a young father accused of attempted murder. The estranged wife of the defendant had accused him of shooting at her and their two-year-old son. At the trial, an Ohio criminal attorney from the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey showed through the use of a forensic scientist that the allegations were false. A jury acquitted this client of all charges, and soon afterwards he was able to get set visitation with his son.
  • In another high-profile case, the accused was charged in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, with conspiracy to distribute and the distribution of crack cocaine, and was facing a mandatory life sentence. The accused was part of the “Mansfield Six” who defied all odds and proceeded to trial in a case where the Federal Government had audio and videotapes.  After a long and hard-fought trial, a jury cleared the accused of all charges. With this life sentence acquittal, this man and others are now pursuing claims against the Federal Government for wrongful imprisonment.
  • In yet another highly publicized case, a long-time Newton Falls, Ohio police officer was charged with using excessive force in arresting two suspects. The incident was captured on videotape and the officer received extensive negative publicity from local and national media. During a lengthy and contentious trial, the Ohio defense attorney from the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey demonstrated that the officer was following proper procedures, and a jury cleared the officer of all felony charges. The officer was then able to return to his job with the police department.
  • Attorney Gregory S. Robey was part of a team of lawyers that won an important victory in the Ohio Supreme Court that has secured the rights of an accused to retained counsel of their choice.

Track record

The Ohio defense attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey have a proven track record of in high-end criminal cases, including federal, large estate, and drugs. Their successes on behalf of their clients can be attributed to their extensive experience as trial lawyers and knowledge of Ohio criminal law. The following list summarizes many of the exemplary acquittals won by the Ohio criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey:

Murder case acquittals

  • Wrongfully imprisoned: Mr. Robey served as an active member of the defense team in the 2007 retrial of Bob Gondor and Randy Resh murder and rape case. Both had been wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years before being acquitted.
  • Attempted murder: Client was charged with two counts of attempted murder in the shooting of his estranged wife and two-year-old son.
  • Aggravated murder conviction: For a client who had been previously convicted of aggravated murder.

Life sentence acquittals

  • Drug conspiracy: Won an acquittal in a Federal Drug Conspiracy case for a client facing mandatory life in prison, who was accused of conspiracy to distribute a large amount of crack cocaine.
  • Child rape case: Won a new trial for a client sentenced to life in prison in a child rape case.

Felony acquittals

  • Police felony charges: Police officer was accused and acquitted for using excessive force that was captured on a video tape that was played on several national news broadcasts.
  • Reckless conduct: For a police officer accused of wanton and reckless conduct in responding to an emergency call.

Drug crime acquittals

  • Federal court drug charges: For a Jamaican client accused of possession and intent to distribute 5 kilos of cocaine.
  • Drug conspiracy case:  Successfully defended a client charged in a drug conspiracy case, with the importation of over 3500 lbs. of marijuana from California.
  • Cocaine trafficking: Successfully defended a client accused in Federal Court in a cocaine trafficking conspiracy exceeding 50 kilos.
  • Firearm & marijuana possession & distribution: Vindication for a client accused in Federal Court of possession of a firearm and marijuana with the intent to distribute.
  • Drug trafficking scandal: Successful representation of a wrongfully accused postal worker in the Cleveland Post Office Drug Trafficking Scandal.
  • Methamphetamine drug charges: Defended a client accused running a methamphetamine lab resulting in acquittal.
  • Marijuana federal court charges: Successfully represented an individual in federal court charged with transporting 560 pounds of marijuana on the Ohio Turnpike.
  • Cocaine conspiracy: Successfully represented a client in federal court accused in a large, multi-state cocaine trafficking conspiracy.
  • Drug trafficking plea resolution: Reached a favorable plea resolution for a client charged with drug trafficking involving 6 kilos of cocaine and over 150 grams of crack cocaine

Marijuana acquittals

  • Marijuana drug charges: Acquittal for a client accused of receiving 90 pounds of marijuana through the mail.
  • Transportation of marijuana: Successfully represented an individual charged with transporting 250 pounds of marijuana on an Ohio Interstate.
  • Transportation of marijuana: Won acquittal for an individual charged with transporting 250 pounds of marijuana on an Ohio Interstate.

Other acquittals

  • Hate crime: For a U.S. Marine wrongfully accused of severely beating a Muslim cleric.
  • Robbery & drug possession: Successfully represented a client accused of robbing and shooting a crack cocaine dealer.
  • Stabbing charges: Won an acquittal for a Kent State University student charged with two stabbings.
  • Child pornography charges: The accused was charged in state court with possession of child pornography received via the Internet. The defense was able to successfully negotiate a resolution where the accused was sentenced to a term of probation.
  • Banking fraud: Won a dismissal of a federal bank fraud charge for a client accused in a multi-million dollar check scheme.
  • Prison riots: Successfully represented an inmate in the 1993 Lucasville Prison riots.
  • False identification manufacturing: Successfully defended a client accused in Federal Court of fraudulently manufacturing false identifications.

The Cleveland criminal law attorneys at the the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey have the experience and criminal law expertise to represent criminal defense clients. Our Cleveland, Ohio criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented cases in federal, municipal, state, and juvenile courts.  We have successfully defended clients dealing with criminal law, drug crimes, white collar crimes, felony charges, RICO defense, domestic violence, hate crimes, driving under the influence, robbery, murder charges, embezzlement, sex crimes, weapons possession, and larceny throughout Cleveland.  Contact an Ohio criminal attorney at the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey today for a consultation.


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