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Federal Drug Crimes

Proven Ohio Lawyer Defends Clients Accused of Federal Drug Crimes

Aggressive advocate handles controlled substance cases in U.S. courts

When someone is arrested on a drug allegation, the distinction between state and federal charges might not seem significant. But because these systems punish crimes differently, the same charge can lead to a vastly different punishment depending on who prosecutes the case. Our Maple Heights law firm, Law Office of Gregory S. Robey, has extensive experience defending clients against federal charges and delivers strong advocacy for people accused of federal drug crimes. Attorney Gregory Robey helps accused individuals throughout the greater Cleveland area get the results they seek in cases relating to the alleged sale, trafficking, manufacture and possession of controlled substances.

Accomplished Maple Heights firm defends the rights of clients

Many federal drug laws mirror the statutes that exist in Ohio and other states. With the advent of marijuana legalization in some jurisdictions, there are instances where conduct now permitted under state law is still a federal crime. However, matters relating to small possession amounts usually aren’t prosecuted at the federal level, which focuses more on serious offenses such as:

  • Interstate sale or trafficking — Federal agents often investigate controlled substance transactions that involve parties in more than one state. Our firm provides a vigorous defense to people facing charges arising from this type of alleged misconduct.
  • Large-scale operations — Major law enforcement operations sometimes require resources that aren’t available to state or local authorities. In these situations, responsibility might be shifted to federal agencies.
  • Cases connected to other alleged criminal conduct — Sometimes, a drug arrest is made as part of a larger investigation, such as a RICO case. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act provides for extended criminal penalties for crimes involving ongoing criminal organizations. When this occurs, an informant might be tried in a U.S. Court to assure their participation in the organized crime case.
  • Crimes on federal property — Though most drug possession prosecutions are adjudicated in state court, federal charges can be brought if the arrest is made on federal property, such as in a national park.

As a firm serving Ohio clients since 1991, we understand both Ohio and federal criminal law, which enables us to create a comprehensive strategy on your behalf.

Knowledgeable attorney prepares thorough defenses in federal drug cases

Police and prosecutors will often try to pressure defendants into making statements or decisions that are against their interests. Even if there seems to be significant evidence against you, the only person you should talk to is your attorney. Don’t be victimized by illegal police conduct, misinterpreted evidence or overzealous prosecutors. Gregory Robey knows how to uncover problems that occurred during the law enforcement process and, after thoroughly reviewing the situation, will press every available defense.

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