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Federal Drug Sentencing and Mandatory Minimums

Ohio Lawyer Advises Clients on Federal Drug Sentencing Rules

Knowledgeable Maple Heights attorney outlines mandatory minimums

One of the starkest differences between federal and state drug prosecutions is that convictions at the federal level often carry harsh mandatory minimum sentences. Guidance from the Obama administration encouraged U.S. attorneys to file lesser charges in certain drug cases so that nonviolent offenders would not face the severe mandatory sentences of federal charges. However, this practice was reversed in 2017, and prosecutors are once again bound to follow the stringent standards on the books. This means that it is crucial to hire an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer if you are being prosecuted on a drug count in U.S. District Court.

At Law Office of Gregory S. Robey in Maple Heights, attorney Gregory Robey has more than 25 years of experience winning successful results for Ohio residents in these matters. Our firm uses this knowledge to assert clients’ rights at trial and during negotiations with federal prosecutors.

Cleveland-area firm fights to help clients avoid harsh penalties

Though politicians in both parties recognize the unfairness of mandatory minimum penalties, Congress has not passed corrective legislation. So it is now more important than ever to ensure your attorney understands exactly what’s at stake in your federal drug charge. Gregory Robey is well versed in the criminal law statutes and sentencing guidelines for federal drug-related crimes and offers a strong defense for charges such as:

  • Unlawful trafficking, import or export — Even when no death or serious injury results, a first offense for the import or export of a controlled substance might carry a minimum five- or 10-year prison term, depending on the substance and amount involved. A multiple offender faces 20 years, or life if a death or serious bodily injury occurs.
  • Attempt and conspiracy — If you are convicted of participating in a conspiracy to commit a drug-related crime or attempting to commit such an offense, you are subject to the same sentence that would apply if you had completed the criminal act. The evidence in these matters is often very subjective, which is why our firm fights evidence that is manipulated and used to try to prove something that doesn’t exist.
  • Use of firearms — Using or carrying a gun during a drug trafficking crime adds a minimum of five years to the underlying sentence. This severe sanction can apply even if there was no threat of violence.

Upon conviction, a defendant must serve at least 85 percent of the sentence that is handed down, so you need to get immediate help from a qualified advocate if you’ve been charged. In these cases and others, our firm develops a comprehensive strategy to defeat the allegations brought against you by the government.

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