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Drug Distribution

Facing a Cleveland Drug Distribution Charge?

An Ohio drug violation charge is a very serious matter.  If you are arrested for possession, trafficking, or distribution of an illegal substance, you face the possibility of heavy fines, jail time, and the loss of your driver’s and professional licenses.  Clearly, you must do everything possible to fend off the consequences of a marijuana, crack, or cocaine distribution charge in Cleveland.  In order to do that, you need to retain the services of the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey.  We are a firm with years of experience assisting those accused of cocaine distribution in Cleveland.  We will build a solid drug distribution defense in Cleveland to ensure that your rights are preserved and protected.

Consequences of crack distribution charges and marijuana distribution charges

While the punishment for marijuana distribution in Cleveland is somewhat more lenient than the punishment for crack distribution, both are offenses that can bring severe consequences.

If twenty grams or less of marijuana are sold or given as a gift, it is considered a misdemeanor, and the Cleveland marijuana distribution penalty you face is a one hundred dollar fine.  However, should the amount of marijuana distributed be over twenty grams, it is an automatic felony.  If you are accused of distributing any amount of crack, it is an automatic felony, and the penalties increase substantially in length and severity according to the amount.

Consequences are especially harsh if you are found guilty of distributing either substance to minors, or within one thousand feet of a school.

Building a Cleveland drug distribution defense

If you are accused of any of these crimes, you will want a firm with the experience and legal know-how to build a strong Cleveland drug distribution defense.  The Law Office of Gregory S. Robey has been doing just that for almost twenty years.  We review all the evidence to make sure that your constitutional rights were respected at the time of your arrest.  We ascertain whether the police followed all appropriate procedures, regulations, and guidelines when you were charged.  If even one rule was not followed, and it resulted in a violation of your rights, our Cleveland drug crime lawyers will do their best to have the charges reduced, or even dropped altogether.

Contact our drug crime law firm in Cleveland

Call the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey today at 877-219-2514, or fill out our online form, if you have been charged with a drug-related crime.  All information about your case is taken very seriously and kept strictly confidential by our dedicated Ohio criminal attorneys.


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