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Drug Laws

Marijuana Law in Ohio

While Cleveland marijuana laws still prosecute users under existing drug statutes, these laws have undergone revisions in recent years.  It is possible to only be charged with a minor misdemeanor—which will create no criminal record—for possessing less than 100 grams of the substance.  In addition, alternative sentencing programs and conditional releases are sometimes available for first-offenders charged with possession of small amounts of marijuana.  However, due to Ohio drug offense laws, you still face the likelihood of an arrest and felony conviction for multiple offenses, or for trafficking in large quantities of marijuana.

Why you need a marijuana lawyer in Cleveland

Marijuana laws in Cleveland require minimum mandatory jail sentences for the trafficking of large quantities of the drug.  If you are accused of this crime, you will need a strong defense by a Cleveland  lawyer in order to secure your freedom and protect your future.  The Law Office of Gregory S. Robey is a dedicated marijuana law firm in Cleveland, committed to aggressive and pro-active representation.  Several notable cases have been won by our team of Ohio criminal lawyers—the best proof is that we get results for clients accused of breaking Cleveland marijuana law.

Cocaine law in Cleveland

Cleveland cocaine law states that the possession and sale of this substance is an automatic felony, ranging from a first-degree to a fifth-degree felony.  The felony degree depends primarily on the amount of the substance with which the offender is caught.  If you are facing drug charges of this type, it is crucial to retain only the best legal counsel.  The Law Office of Gregory S. Robey is proud to be able to provide attorneys in Cleveland to clients who need fierce advocates.

Crack cocaine law in Ohio

In accordance with federal drug laws, Ohio crack law has much harsher penalties and sentencing guidelines than those applied to individuals found guilty of crimes involving ordinary cocaine.  Recent changes in crack law in Ohio call for even harsher penalties for the possession and distribution of crack.  Without the appropriate Ohio criminal defense lawyer, one that is thoroughly conversant in cocaine law in Cleveland, your entire future can be placed in jeopardy for a crack conviction.  Let the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey fight for your rights in court to eliminate or reduce your sentence.

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