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White Collar Crime

Ohio White Collar Crime Defense

What is considered a white collar crime in Cleveland?

White Collar Crime is a broad term that usually refers to crimes of a non-violent nature perpetrated by or against corporate institutions. Examples of white collar crimes include investment fraud, tax fraud, accounting fraud, forgery, and in some cases identity theft. Often white collar crimes involve some degree of fraudulent financial transactions or illegal record-keeping from individuals inside an organization. Embezzlement, purposeful corporate stock mismanagement, and money laundering can also be considered white collar crime in certain circumstances.

White collar crime costs taxpayers millions of dollars per year. Certain white collar crimes – often those characterized as racketeering or organized theft – are especially dangerous because they can cripple entire segments of the economy.

Unfortunately, innocent people can be entangled in a white collar crime scheme without their knowledge. A prime example of this occurred during the Enron Scandal of 2004. Many mid- and low-level accounting people, as well as other record-keeping professionals, were falsely and unjustly implicated in that scandal.

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If you were the unsuspecting victim of a white collar crime, The Law Offices of Gregory Robey are committed to providing you with all available legal options. Regardless of the crime, we believe that you have legal rights. Whether you have been charged with a white collar crime, are a suspect, or have already been convicted and wish to appeal, contact one of our Cleveland Ohio criminal attorneys today by calling 877-219-2514 or by filling out our online form. All information about your case is kept strictly confidential.

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