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Ohio’s Drug Trafficking Laws Especially Tough

Ohio’s Drug Trafficking Laws Especially Tough

Many believe that the U.S. War on Drugs, launched in the 1980s, has resulted in unfair penalties and overly harsh jail and prison sentences. In addressing this issue, some states have begun to reexamine their drug laws and reduce the mandatory sentencing guidelines for certain offenders. Ohio, however, is not among these states. The drug Read More

How Does Ohio Classify the Sale of Controlled Substances?

Each state regulates the sale of controlled dangerous substances according to its own set of laws and classifications. Not only does Ohio prosecute for the sale and possession of well-known drugs, like cocaine and heroin, but it also classifies the compounds used to manufacture these drugs as CDS. If you live in Ohio, you may Read More

Dealing with Pain: Cleveland Pill Mills

Prescription drug abuse is fast overtaking other forms of drug abuse in the United States. According to the Ohio Department of Health, unintentional drug poisoning became the leading cause of death in our state in 2007. Some people feel prescription drugs are safer than street drugs. The common factor is that the drugs have to Read More

Not the Spice of Life

First synthetic drug case in Lawrence County yields conviction As new drugs move into mainstream use in Ohio, new laws are written to control or prevent sale and abuse of those drugs. One recent class of drugs prohibited in Ohio is synthetic cannabinoids, known among other names, as Spice. In a recent case, Robert Holley, Read More


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