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“When I was arrested by the Feds on Drug Conspiracy charges, they told me I was facing mandatory life in federal prison without the possibility of parole. I knew that I was innocent, but I was scared . . . so I knew that I would have to find a lawyer who was not afraid of the Feds and would take my case to trial. I chose Greg Robey because he is a fighter. After over 2 weeks in a federal jury trial, I was found Not Guilty of all charges. My family and I am forever grateful to Mr. Robey.” -L.B., Mansfield, Ohio

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Ohio Couple Indicted on Corruption Charges

An Ohio couple and the co-owners of Abon Cards & Coins were arrested in August on numerous charges of corruption. They were indicted in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. According to the indictment, the storeowners allegedly supplied individuals with lists of items they considerable desirable and would be willing to pay a premium. The… Read More »

What is the Ohio Diversion Program and How Could It Help You?

If you’re charged with a white collar crime in Ohio, you may face tough penalties, including fines and jail time. However, the state of Ohio provides for an alternative for individuals facing this tough sentencing: the Diversion Program. Ohio’s Diversion Program, codified in the Ohio Revised Code Section 2935.36, allows for certain people facing white-collar… Read More »

Penalties for Embezzlement Depend on Several Factors

Although many have heard of the crime of embezzlement, few people truly understand what it is. Embezzlement is a unique type of property theft that results when people allegedly steal money or property with which they were entrusted. This is different than ordinary common law theft that involves stealing property for which one had no… Read More »

Despite Acquittals, Firm Deals with Fallout of RICO Investigation

Three attorneys were acquitted recently of charges of federal racketeering, conspiracy and fraud. The acquittal came after a three-year battle since their arrest in 2011 for allegedly aiding several business associates in looting a Texas-based mortgage company of nearly $12 million. Prosecutors argued that the attorneys helped set up shell organizations and falsified consulting contracts… Read More »

Cleveland FBI Agents Investigate Charter School for White Collar Crime

White collar crimes typically involve the use of fraud and deceit for financial gain in the business world. However, white collar crime can occur virtually anywhere. On June 10, Federal Agents raided 19 charter schools, including three in Northern Ohio. So far, little is known about the charges except that they are related to white… Read More »

White Collar Criminal Investigations Cast a Wide Net

Co-workers of white collar crime suspects may also need legal representation Even when people work together for years and form what they believe are close relationships, they can be totally unaware of the true nature of their co-workers’ business activities. When those activities include fraud and other white collar crimes, workers can easily become caught… Read More »

Fraudulent Tax Returns Completed by Tax Preparers Can Cause Legal Issues for Taxpayers

Taxpayers should choose preparers judiciously and know when to seek legal support for tax fraud defense The federal tax code has become so massive that even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admits that its agents find it challenging to determine exactly how long it is. So it is no surprise that about 60 percent of… Read More »

What to Do If You Are the Target of a White-Collar Crime Investigation

White-collar crimes are nonviolent offenses that employ fraud or deceit for financial gain. Depending on the alleged crime, you may be investigated and charged by state or federal authorities. In Ohio, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the Attorney General’s Office handles white-collar crimes. Federal white-collar crimes generally carry heavier penalties than state offenses and… Read More »

Why You Need an Embezzlement Defense Attorney

The crime of embezzlement occurs when you steal something of value that you were entrusted to manage or safeguard. In many cases, embezzlement is a slow leak — money dribbles out of a cash register or bank account in small amounts so as to not raise suspicion. If you are arrested for embezzlement, you need… Read More »

Most Common White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes are generally committed in the business sector. Many white-collar crimes involve fraud or deceit. Contrary to popular belief, these offenses are serious and often penalized by lengthy prison sentences and costly fines. Further, certain white-collar offenses may be prosecuted on the state or federal level. The following list contains information on some of… Read More »

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